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Arpela D.R.P. hinged table lamp in original condition


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Rare Arpela D.R.P. hinged lamp with original grey hammertone coating.

After the thorough dismantling cleaning of all elements, the lamp was   rebuilt again. All the small parts have been cleaned, polished, oiled.

The lamp has light signs of wear consistent with its age and use, like losses of coating and tiny rost points.
It is in a very good condition.
The lamp is marked with “Arpela Gelenklampe D.R.P.” (before the war).

The mechanical system of the lamp functions perfectly.
The electrical equipment was renewed and refurbished with a three-wire system and a black cloth coated cord was used.
The light is operated by a rotary switch located on the  lamp socket made of bakelite.
The originale lampbase can be easily screwed on the table surface.
Please refer to the photos for more details.

Dimensions (approx):

Shade diameter: 14,5cm
1. Arm 43cm
2. Arm 38cm
3.Arm 38cm
Max length approx 130cm
Lampbase 15/24cm
Cable length 340cm

Ref 2002A0617

Additional information

Weight 5 kg