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Jielde 4-arm floor lamp Nr2

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Beautiful floor lamp with many possibilities of design, as each joint can be twisted to 360 °  (there is no troubled cable)  _ in a very nice and rare design with bright finish.

The lamp Jieldé “Loft” was designed by Frenchman Jean-Louis Domecq in 1950 and remains unchanged since manufactured in the family lovingly crafted. The lamp is made of aluminum castings, steel pipes and steel plate, striking characteristic of the lamp is lamp head Turnable by 360 ° and the most elaborately constructed rod ends, which stretches a cord, but a sliding contact ensures the power supply. Jielde lamp is one of the most popular work lights, in a rock-solid and almost indestructible design, here there is no contact, no switch cancels – every detail of this luminaire is well thought out – a true design classic.

Material: Steel and aluminum
Size: 2 straight arms, length 40 cm,.
Screen: 16 cm Ø
Ceramic socket: E 27 (max. 100 W)

REF. 0000